Wake Up Sid

A refreshing, feel good film…

Pic: Dharma Productions; Source: planetbollywood.com
Pic: Dharma Productions; Source: planetbollywood.com

A film about a rich kid who does not know what to do with his life apart from hanging out with his friends… nothing new there! However, what makes Wake Up Sid extremely fresh and enjoyable is its treatment. You know what exactly is going to happen in the film but you are hooked to see how it happens. Take a bow, Ayan Mukerji, your directorial debut is a winner.

Wake Up Sid (written by Ayan Mukerji and Niranjan Iyenger) is far removed from the so called filmy clichés and is held together by moments that seem real and relatable; moments between a mother and her son, a father and his son, between friends and between two people who are falling in love.

The film traces the journey of Siddharth Mehra aka Sid (Ranbir Kapoor), from being a carefree college guy who simply spends his father’s money to someone who finds his true calling in life. His journey is complemented by fiercely independent, Aisha Banerjee (Konkona Sen Sharma), an aspiring writer from Kolkata who wants to make a new life in Bombay aka Mumbai.  Together both of them discover what they want in life and eventually find it.

Performance wise, everyone seems comfortable with the characters they play. Konkona is as usual fantastic but the real surprise is Ranbir who not only manages to bring alive the character but also shines amongst his excellent co-actors. Supriya Pathak as Sid’s mother who likes to speak with her son in broken English is extremely endearing.

While the film is unpretentious, one can see that a lot of attention has been paid to the details. From the styling of the lead actors (Priyanjali Lahiri and Manish Malhotra) to the production design (Amrita Mahal Nakai), everything is in accordance to the respective characters. While the music (Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy) may not be topping the charts by Dharma Productions standards, it goes well with the mood of the film and does not obstruct the narrative. Cinematography by Anil Mehta is as usual first rate. Overall, Wake Up Sid is a great feel good film and is highly recommended.

My Rating: * * * * Four stars (on five)

Shrey Khetarpal



17 comments on “Wake Up Sid

  1. Thank god MNS cant break the internet. They would’ve protested against your treatment of Mumbai. It should be Mumbai aka Bombay 😉

    Fantastic Movie, great movie and great editing.

    Good review Shrey

    • They can do whatever they want, ultimately every one knows what their real motives are. The filmmaker went gaga over the city and portrayed it like a dream but all that went un-noticed, what was noticed was the use of the city’s old name. How can Maharashtrians be offended by that, it is their heritage and they lived with that name for so many years. Whatever happened to ‘Bombay Meri Jaan’? I know so many people who call Mumbai home and still call it Bombay and their love for the city is much more than any politicians’. Can’t believe that a handful of fanatics can do so much and the government sits twiddling thumbs.
      Coming back to the film, am glad you liked it and the review as well 🙂 Thank you!

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    #flickstree will have you covered with all updates !!

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