19 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Hey Shrey!

    I simply love your blog and your dedication towards keepin it rolling!

    I would like to extend an invite to you to participate in s.Oliver India’s “REVIEW SATC-2 CONTEST” on s.Oliver India’s Fanpage Wall.

    More importantly, I’d simply love it if our fanbase gets to know your point of view on the Sex and the City sequel….
    Incase you’re planning to go for SATC-2, I would really appriciate it if you leave a review post on the Fanpage Wall.
    FYI here’s the link http://bit.ly/soliverindiareviewmoviecontest

    Thanks much,
    Take care and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi

    Had the opportunity to read your blog after seeing Udaan.

    It is very well expressed and written. Hard to find good writers today.

    Would also like to see some of your other work esp non film work if any

    Do keep the good work going

    Good luck and warm regards

    Subrata Sengupta

    • Hey Aks,
      Thanks! I’m glad you like my blog and I see you’re also regular on your page. It’ll be great to interact with you on the upcoming films.

    • Thank you Arena, I am glad you like my blog and it inspired you to start your own site too. I look forward to exchanging notes with you. All the best.

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