Delhi Belly

If profanities offend you, please do not read any further…

Pic: UTV, Aamir Khan Productions

(Spoiler alert: basic plotline shared in the post)

Delhi Belly is a story of three fuckers, Tashi (Imran Khan), Nitin (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) who stay in a shithole in Delhi. Tashi likes to think he’s a serious journalist stuck doing fuck-all feature reporting. He has a dominating girlfriend, Sonya (Shenaz Treasury) but also gets attention from a fellow reporter with an American accent, Menaka (Poorna Jagannathan). Arup is a graphic designer in an advertising agency and doesn’t have the balls to stand up to his mean boss or his witch of a girlfriend. Nitin is a photo-journalist who plans to blackmail his landlord with sleazy pictures of him with a whore, to avoid paying the rent. Shit happens when the three get accidentally involved in a diamond smuggling racket and deliver shit (literally) to a don (Vijay Raaz).

If you do not approve of the language in the paragraph above, then please do not waste your time and money on Delhi Belly. I am not saying that the film’s only highlight is the coarse language but it is what gets the most laughs; and I haven’t used any of the Hindi cuss words the film is peppered with. Delhi Belly is certainly more than the swear words used in its dialogue but its strength is the smart writing (Akshat Verma). The film does not focus on one central character but the ridiculous situations the three room-mates find themselves in. The writer uses shock factor well, whether it’s the language or the numerous farts or the suggested blow-jobs! While the urban Indian audience is used to all this with films like The Hangover but it is certainly shocking for a Bollywood mainstream film to be so daring. The good thing is that the director, Abhinay Deo manages to keep the film light and entertaining and not let it become offensive.

All the actors have done a good job, especially Kunaal Roy Kapur and Vir Das. Kunaal actually has the title role and his expressions on the commode are priceless (and equally disgusting, coupled with the fart sound effects). The girls are good too but the real show-stealer is Vijay Raaz, who apart from being a superb actor, abuses so well that he can be awarded an honorary doctorate in profanities. I am not a big Imran Khan fan but he did a fine job in the film.

Coming back to the shock factor, Delhi Belly’s music also contributes with songs like ‘Bhaag D K Bose D K Bose’,Jaa Chudail’ and ‘Shake Your Biscuit Baby’ (Music by Ram Sampath; lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Munna Dhiman, Ram Sampath, Akshat Verma and Chetan Shashital). Music is enjoyable and thankfully plays in the background without disturbing the film’s flow except ‘Jaa Chudail’ that brings back the dream-sequence phenomenon. The much talked about item song by the film’s producer, Aamir Khan comes in the end but wasn’t really required. Cinematography by Jason West is first rate and Huzefa Lokhandwala (editor) maintains the film’s fast pace and crisp length.

There are some scenes in the film where you feel they’re trying too hard to appear cool but you quickly forget that with the next scene. Overall, Delhi Belly is a fun film to watch and it is refreshing to see our Censor board growing up. Go watch it but not with your parents 😉

My rating: * * * ½ Three and a half on five

– Shrey Khetarpal


9 comments on “Delhi Belly

  1. It’s not Aditya Roy Kapur but his brother, Kunal Roy Kapur that has acted in this movie, get your facts right.

    • Hi Kaustubh,
      Thanks for highlighting the error. I had mentioned the correct name in the first para and erroneously identified Kunaal as Aditya in para 3. The facts are clear to me but it was a mistake.
      Now corrected.

    • Hi Mansi, regarding the media hype, that’s always there for an Aamir Khan film. The marketing is better than the content always 😉

  2. A letter to Aamir Khan.

    Always been a fan of you. I was completely bowled over by ‘Taare Zameen Par, Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat’. Since your name was associated with such quality products I looked forward to your new projects. But I must say that you have let me down with such a vulgar and ugly representation of Indian culture through your latest vehicle ‘Delhi Belly’. If this is what India has become and that the youth of India are embracing the worst traits of western behaviour and culture then India is degenerating. Your film is similar to what you see in C – grade Hollywood movies.
    Your depiction of toilet humour is revolting. Fortunately I travel to India regularly and I am yet to see such gross bad behaviour amongst everyone I meet.
    After such a disappointing experience I eagerly look forward to the weekend episodes of Little Champs 2011 on Zee TV. The kids are amazing.

    Can we have our old Aamir back?

    • Hi Girish, Respect your point of view but it’s cinema, it’s meant to entertain and not showcase Indian culture… I hope you do like Aamir’s next. Cheers!

      • In name of entertainment and trying to be different the only person who walked away with crores of rupees was Aamir. I agree totally with veteran Om Puri that besides trying to entertain and try to mint money one also has an obligation to give a RIGHT message to the viewers.

        • A filmmaker’s job is to first entertain… if he’s made money, it’s because people like us paid to watch the film. If he’s guilty, so are you and me, right? It was a light entertainer and why does it need to have a message?

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